Event Customization & Production

From initial concept design to execution of the event itself, we will develop a customized experience based on your vision and goals and we will be the first ones in and last ones out to make sure every aspect of your event goes according to plan.

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We understand that the emphasis of any corporate event lies in the entertainment of your VIPs and it is a priority to us that your VIPs’ experience is unique and flawless.  Our company will expertly manage the entire experience that your VIPs have from arrival to departure.

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Talent Buying

Identifying the correct talent for your audience while staying within your budget is the key to a successful event. Our vast experience in talent buying will ensure that your guests will have the best time for the best possible price.  


Talent Management

We will not only purchase the talent for your event, but we’ll oversee the entire process including rider fulfillment, travel, accommodations, transportation, and meet and greet coordination.

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Sound, Lighting, & Stage Setup

We have a vast pool of resources that allows us to provide the perfect look, feel, and sound for any size show. From small intimate meet and greets to multiple-day festivals, we will ensure that your event will have the perfect gear.


Event Security

The safety and security of your attendees is paramount to the success of your event. The members of the 262 Five security staff are highly regarded and will ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.



We will coordinate any kind of transportation that your event needs from golf carts and tour trolleys to private jets and yachts.



We will coordinate all of your catering needs for the event as well as VIP hospitality and talent rider requirements.

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We are able to provide insurance for a multitude of outcomes to ensure that you’re covered for any situation.


Sponsorship Coordination & Activation

After years of experience in working with brands, we can both help to secure sponsorships as well as oversee already established ones so that brands feel like they’re getting the best experience for their sponsorship dollars.

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Permit Acquisition

Obtaining the appropriate permits can be the most difficult part of hosting an event at a non-traditional venue.  From restrooms to street closings, we can secure any permit that your event will need.



We will coordinate all printing needs for your event including VIP laminates, event signage, consumer or crew merchandise, auction items, and more.

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We provide experienced staff for all events including but not limited to show runners, production assistants, tour managers, chefs, bar tenders, chauffeurs, servers, valet parkers, ushers and more.